We’re so happy to see you!

We’re glad you chose to attend Furrydelphia! If this is your first time, let’s run through some of the things to do at a Furry Convention so you can get the most out of your experience!

What is a Furry Convention?

Conventions mean a lot to Furries, in more ways than one.

It’s a chance to let loose for some, be your true self to others, and even meet the friends you spend hours online talking to in person for the first time. At a Convention, you can learn so much about who you are and meet new and old friends in just a few short days!

What’s on the Schedule?

Live Programming and Events

We put on activities, live shows, meetups, and informational panels during our convention for everyone to participate in. These events are run by Volunteers and Community Members from across the furry fandom, and can be entertaining, insightful, crafty, and just plain fun!

Get some Swag at the Marketplace

Dealers Den and Artists Alley

Many of our Community Members are Artists, Crafters, Builders, and everything in between. At our Dealers Den, you can find furry apparel, prints, stickers, and even jewelry from small businesses in the fandom. You can also check out our Artists Alley which is meant to give fledgling artists a taste of business life without committing to a 3-day table, so the lineup will change daily!

Dance the Night Away

DJ Sets, Dances, and Parties

18+ Only, after dark we party long into the night featuring fandom acts, DJs, and shows that allow your tail to really get wagging!

Events that make the weekend Memorable

Special Events, Dinners, and Charity Auctions

Part of the reason we run a convention is to raise money for charity, and to do that we put on Charity Auctions that allow anyone from the community to donate items whos proceeds will go 100% to our charity of that year. We also host other events run by the Staff including a Sponsor’s Thank You Dinner, a Car Show, Dance Competitions, and Talent Shows.