We take Accessibility Seriously.

Furrydelphia is proud to offer Accessibility Services to our Attendees who require a bit of extra help and care. This guide will show you the accessibility accomodations we offer at Furrydelphia and some additional Accessibility Information about our Venue.

Attendees that have pre-registered will be able to take advantage of Accessible Registration available at Attendee Services.

If you are registering at-con, we can help you start your registration and register you for Accessibility at the same spot!

If you have pre-registered, we will escort you into registration so you can obtain your badge and then help enroll you at Attendee Services with Accessibility.

Where is Accessibility Support Located?

Accessibility Support is located in Attendee Services on the Ballroom Level just outside of Registration.

The Operating Hours for Attendee Services during the convention are:

Thursday 3pm – 7pm
Friday 10am – 12am
Saturday 10am – 12am
Sunday 10am – 6pm

    Accessing the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia

    Accessible Entrances are available on all On-site parking levels via the Garage Elevators, the Front-Entrance Roundabout, and the Sidewalk Entrance on N 14th Street.

    All levels of the convention space are accessible via the Hotel Elevator Bay. (Mezzanine and Ballroom Levels)

    Should you require accessibility accommodations (chairs in-line, priority accessibility seating at events, or elevator escorts), please visit Attendee Services for Support.

    Services Provided to Attendees

    We make every attempt to provide the services listed above to all attendees; however, there may be certian situations or instances where we will be unable to provide a service due to lack of resources or available staff.

    Access to Priority Seating for Large Events

    Events in Main or Secondary Events will have designated spaces for Disabled Attendees. This service is available to those with limited vision or hearing.


    Individuals who have issues standing for long periods of time may request a Chair or bring a chair with them to long lines.

    Elevator Escorts

    For individuals who need priority access to Elevators, you can use this service to request an escort from Attendee Services to the front of the elevator line or utilize back-of-house elevators, if available.


    You may allow up to 3 extra people to travel with you using any of the services listed here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements to use this service?

    There are no requirements to use this service and we will not ask you to provide proof of any disability. Simply show up to Attendee Services to get started.

    Can I bring a Service Animal to Furrydelphia?

    Yes! Service Animals that are performing a specifically trained job should be brought to Attendee Services so we can register that they are here with you in case of an emergency, but it is not required. However, Comfort Animals or Animals that are being disruptive to the convention will be asked to leave the premise. The Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia is not pet friendly.

    Do I need to wait in line to pickup my registration if I want to use Accessibility Services?

    No! You can stop by Attendee Services to pickup and process your registration and Accessibility Needs without standing in line.