"Galactic Fleet"
August 14-16 2020 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort


-----------------------INCOMING MESSAGE-----------------------

Welcome to space, cadet.

You may be used to the cushy atmosphere of Earth, but you’re in the outer worlds of the Planetary Alliance now.

These dark corners of the galaxy are host to the worst of the worst: pirates and robbers, ship hijackers, illegal traders, rogue militias, you name it. We’re here for one purpose: to keep the peace, and to protect the people of galaxy.

It’s not easy work, but someone has to do it.

So, what do you say, cadet? Are you ready to do your duty? Are you ready to join the Galactic Fleet?


-----------------------MESSAGE TERMINATED-----------------------



Marketplace is now Open

Attention Furrydelphia Dealers! We are happy to report that our Dealers applications are now OPEN! Head over to https://marketplace.furrydelphia.org to fill out your app!

Please note: The application will be open until March 15th and will be a juried selection, NOT first come first serve, so no rush to apply during the holidays. We can't wait to review all your apps!


Marketplace Application Opening Soon

Attention, all Dealers Den hopefuls! The Furrydelphia 2020 Marketplace Application will be going online in ONE WEEK! That's Friday December 20!

The application will remain open until March 15, 2020. As always, applicants will be approved by a jury of our staff, and are NOT chosen on a first come first serve basis, so there is no rush to complete your application right away. Anyone not approved at first will be placed on our waitlist in the event we have any cancelations or other unexpected openings.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your applications in March!!


Pre-Registration is Open!

Pre-registration for Furrydelphia 2020 is now open! Head over to our registration page https://furrydelphia.org/register/ to enlist today in the Galactic Fleet!


Welcome to Furrydelphia

Furrydelphia 2020 will take place on August 14-16, 2020. The venue will be The Valley Forge Casino Resort. The theme is yet to be announced.

Guests of Honor

Our 2020 Guests of Honor have yet to be announced. Check back soon! And consider joining our mailing list and/or Telegram announcements channel for instant updates on the convention’s status!

What is Furrydelphia?

Furrydelphia is a convention for the Furry Fandom. Founded in January 2016 with its inaugural convention in August 2017, Furrydelphia exists to be an annual gathering space, a learning and social environment, and a charitable fundraiser for Furries both near and abroad. It is dedicated to remaining in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, and hopes to someday occupy the City of Philadelphia itself, for which it is named.