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Is Furrydelphia happening in-person in 2021?

Yes! Furrydelphia is planning to open its doors August 12-15, 2021. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced that almost all COVID restrictions will be lifted on Memorial Day[1]. This includes lifting restrictions on event and venue occupancies as well as lifting social distancing requirements. To that end, Furrydelphia will not be held to any occupancy limits other than the standard fire marshal controlled occupancy limits that are always in place.

When will registration and hotel rooms be open?

We are pleased to announce that registration and room block for the convention will be opening on June 4th barring any drastic reversal by the CDC or Pennsylvania government. Once online, you will be able to register for the con at

I paid for a registration in 2020 and I still want to come. What do I have to do?

If you already paid for a registration to Furrydelphia 2020, that registration should have been automatically forwarded to 2021 when we cancelled the 2020 event. If you would like to confirm your registration is intact, please feel free to send an email [email protected] and we can check our record for you.

What if I paid for a registration in 2020 but I can’t or don’t want to come this year?

We understand that it may be too early for some people to consider returning to a full scale furry convention. To anyone who paid for a registration in 2020, your reg was automatically forwarded to 2021 when we cancelled the 2020 event. If you cannot come this year or do not want to come this year, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to forward your registration again to 2022. Please note that we will be unable to forward your registration again from 2022 to 2023 unless the 2022 convention is also impacted by COVID-19. As always, we are unable to offer refunds on registrations.

Are masks required while attending?

Yes. The only restriction which is not being dropped, according to Governor Wolf, is that masks must be worn at all times while in public indoor spaces. To that end, our plan right now is to require masks while you are inside the hotel (other than your personal hotel room). However, the governor has announced that the mask requirement will be going away once Pennsylvania hits 70% full population vaccination[1]. It is possible that we will be at 70% by August. We are also tracking the new CDC announcement that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks or socially distance indoors[2]. We will continue to adjust our own planned restrictions, especially the enforcement of mask use, as the governor provides new direction. Please stay tuned for further updates!

Do I need to provide proof of vaccination to attend?

Yes. With social distancing soon in the rear view mirror, we believe it is MORE important, not less, that only individuals who are fully vaccinated be permitted to staff and attend the convention. To that end we are requiring that staff, dealers, and attendees show us their original copy of their CDC vaccination card in order to pick up their badge. You will be required to opt in and sign your agreement to this policy before you pay for your badge. Anyone who purchases a registration for the convention online but refuses to show us their vaccination card will be denied entry to the event without possibility of refund.

Can I bring a laminated CDC vaccination card or a photocopy of my card?

No. Sadly, due to the unconscionable eagerness some individuals have towards forging these cards, we are unable to accept photocopies or laminated copies of your card. We recommend purchasing a cheap and convenient vaccine card holder which is similar to laminating but has a quick access zipper so you can remove your card as necessary. Please note the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has stated that forging or purchasing a forgery of these cards is against the law, and Furrydelphia will report anyone found to be using a forged card to the necessary authorities. Please refer to the FBI announcement here:

Will you keep my vaccination card?

No, we will be checking it for authenticity using the paper material, pen indentations, and other methods and then giving it promptly back to you.

Do I have to show my vaccination card every time I enter convention space?

No, you only need to show it to us to pick up your badge.

I cannot get vaccinated or am choosing not to get vaccinated. Why can’t I attend?

We respect that people who cannot be vaccinated or do not wish to be vaccinated may feel singled out by this restriction, but we have a moral obligation to provide the safest conditions possible for our attendees and we do not feel it is right that we enable compromised individuals to risk their health or their lives to attend our event. We wholeheartedly encourage everyone who is capable of getting vaccinated to do so and we look forward to dropping this requirement at future Furrydelphias.

Is requiring to see my vaccination record a HIPAA violation?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, exists to ensure that certain entities, such as healthcare providers, insurance companies, emergency services, and business associates cannot illegally obtain or distribute your medical information. Furrydelphia is not forcing you to share your vaccination record with us but we are asking for it in exchange for access to our private event. You as a private citizen have the right to decline showing us your vaccination card, but we as a private organization have the right to deny you entry to our event. Asking, but not forcing, access to your COVID-19 vaccination record is therefore not a violation of HIPAA. To read more about HIPAA please visit the CDC website:

Can I still enjoy Furrydelphia 2021 if I’m unable to attend in person?

For anyone who is unable to attend in person, we are excited to provide you with a comprehensive virtual convention that will run in tandem with the in person event including streamed panels and DJ sets plus special virtual-only events. Stay tuned for more information soon!

Will you be checking my temperature as I enter convention space?

Many of you have expressed concerns regarding our intention to conduct temperature checks each time you enter convention space, especially for fursuiters whose temperatures will not read as normal while suiting. As restrictions are substantially relaxing, and given that all individuals must show vaccination proof to pick up their badge, temperature checking at the door appears to be an extra precaution that no one is fond of. For that reason, we will be dropping this requirement. We ask that all attendees please protect your fellow convention goers and refrain from attending the convention if you feel sick for any reason.

What’s going on with the Dealers Den?

We know all of our vendors are curious to know how we’re handling our Dealers Den this year. Even though the PA government is dropping social distancing requirements, we still believe it is a good idea to space out vendor tables to prevent heavy congestion in the Dealers Den. We will be opening our Dealers Den this year with approximately 30-40 vendors. To all of our vendors who paid for a table slot for the 2020 convention, we appreciate your patience with us and we will be reaching out to you soon via email to discuss plans for this year’s convention. To the general public and to all prospective vendors, we hope to have a public announcement regarding the Dealers Den very soon. Please remain patient with us and stay tuned.

Will food and beverage be available at the convention?

At this time the hotel maintains that the pool and lobby restaurant will remain closed until further notice. However, we have confirmed that some of the casino restaurants including the steakhouse, pizza shop, and Dunkin Donuts are open. We are also in the process of planning our food and beverage events with the hotel, including Super Sponsor Dinner and Furrydelphia’s signature daily lunch. We hope to have more information soon!

Is all of this is subject to sudden change?

As we live in rapidly changing times, these plans are all subject to change. Furrydelphia is prepared to loosen these restrictions further, including dropping mask enforcement, as the CDC and Pennsylvania government change their recommendations. We are also prepared to tighten restrictions, including cancelling the in-person event, with little-to-no advanced notice should the CDC and government decide to tighten things down in the event of a case surge. We are obviously very hopeful that this will not happen, but should it be the case, all 2021 registrations will be automatically forwarded to 2022.

How else will the convention be different this year?

Like every year, Furrydelphia is planning to provide panels and events, a dance competition, a Dealers Den, a videogame and tabletop game room, nightly dances, and more. In order to deter large crowds gathering in the lobby and other hotel spaces, we will not be hosting a fursuit parade this year.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I ask for help?

Our general inbox is [email protected], please feel free to shoot us an email and we will be happy to help! You can also send us a DM on Twitter or ask for an admin in our convention Telegram channel, @FurrydelphiaSFW


Last Updated: 2021/05/14