Accepted Forms of Identification

This information pertains to the 2024 Convention Year. This page explains Accepted Identification for Registration.

Don’t have any of these methods?

Please Inform us by E-mail before the convention if you do not have any of the methods of identification listed below. We will do our best to work with you to obtain your badge. Once the Convention Starts, our ability to help you is extremely limited if you do not come with valid identification.

U.S. State ID or Drivers License

We accept all valid, unexpired forms of State ID, including Identification Cards, Drivers Permits, Jr. Drivers Licenses, and Drivers Licenses. Identification must not have any form of “Not for Identification” warning on the front. ID Should not be perforated or invalidated in any way. Limited exceptions for just-expired, temporary issuance, or other unforeseen circumstances may be made on a case-by-case basis. We will never accept a Photo of your ID, and will never accept a 3rd party pickup of your badge. City/Local Government IDs are not acceptable. Student IDs are never accepted.

U.S. Federal Identification

Unexpired U.S. CaC (Common Access Card), Military Identification, Passport, or other Federal Identification can be used as valid Identification. Identification must not have any form of “Not For Identification” warning on the ID. ID Should not be perforated or invalidated in any way. We do not make any exceptions for federal identification methods.

Foreign Identification

Unexpired Foreign Drivers Licenses and Passports are accepted as valid identification for those travelling abroad. Limited Exceptions may be made for just-expired foreign passports on a case-by-case basis. We will never accept a photo of your ID or a 3rd party pickup of your badge.

Ages 15 to 17

In lieu of your ID, you may either: Show up with a Parent or Guardian with their identification (We will match other information against your registration, such as Address), or your Notarized Parental Consent Form as form of Identification. We highly recommend bringing a valid ID to expedite your registration process.

Ages 14 and Below

ID is not necessary. You must be chaperoned by your parent or legal guardian during the event. We do not allow Minors below the age of 14 to register online due to COPPA regulations and will never accept or record any information about those individuals.


Limited Exceptions will be made as documented above. Some forms of identification will accept no exception. Please read the above carefully. Should you show up to the Convention unprepared there will be little we can do for you to guarantee you can pickup your badge.


E-mail Registration at [email protected]